Fertility Treatment

IVF or In Vitro-Fertilisation

Refers to the fertilisation of eggs with sperm in the laboratory. The ovary is stimulated by using daily medication followed by a procedure to extract eggs from the ovary. The eggs are then cultured in a perfect environment and surrounded by a large concentration of healthy sperm to maximise the chance of successful fertilisation. The resulting embryos are monitored, and healthy embryos are transferred to the uterus on day 5 via a procedure known as an embryo transfer. Any excess embryos are frozen for use in subsequent cycles or for subsequent pregnancies.

Other treatments may also be included when required and include pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) or diagnosis (PGD), surrogacy or the use of donor services (eggs or sperm). This treatment involves the services of an accredited fertility laboratory and the assistance of a team of nurses, scientists and doctors.

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