Fertility Treatment

Fertility Preservation / Egg Freezing

There are two forms of fertility preservation. One refers to the preservation of fertility prior to medical treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. This is often an urgent situation where medical treatment is required for cancer treatment or occasionally inflammatory conditions or blood disorders. Egg collections can often be completed in 2-3 weeks allowing for timely progression to the more urgent treatment in most cases.

Many patients choose to consider elective fertility preservation. Eggs are collected when a delay is anticipated in conceiving. This may occur due to career or life events which make conceiving difficult or impossible at that time. We know that fertility declines with age however many people don’t consider that the risk of miscarriage increases. Both of these factors could compromise someone’s ability to have a family, thus the option for fertility preservation can be important.

It is important to remember that freezing eggs is not a guarantee and if performed it should be performed sooner rather than later.

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